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Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a basic class that balances physical postures (asanas) with breathing techniques (pranayama) to harmonize the body and mind. Be ready to work on the alignments and muscle engagements.


Flexibility & Stretch

This class is designed to enhance your flexibility and range of motion.


Vinyasa Yoga

Our signature class! This dynamic flow class is designed to build strength, improve flexibility and increase cardiovascular endurance. Be ready to sweat and build that core!

Suitable for students who have attended at least 5 yoga classes.


The Inversion class focuses on building strength, balance, and confidence through poses that turn your world upside down, like headstands and forearm-stands. Ideal for intermediate to advanced yogis, this class helps improve circulation, concentration, and core stability.

Suitable for students who have attended at least 10 yoga classes.


The Backbend class is designed to open your heart and strengthen your spine through various backbending postures. Ideal for all levels, this class helps improve flexibility, posture, and emotional well-being.


Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic and structured practice that follows a set sequence of postures, linking breath with movement. This class improves strength, flexibility, and stamina while fostering a meditative flow.

Suitable for those who have attended at least 10 yoga classes.

Our Instructors

Master Vishal

Master Vishal’s yoga journey began at the age of nine in India, leading him to become a specialist in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, backbends, and inversions. With over a decade of teaching, he seamlessly integrates anatomical knowledge with yoga practice. His fun, dynamic, and supportive teaching style encourages students to push their boundaries while focusing on alignment and breath.

Particularly skilled in helping students achieve breakthroughs, his holistic approach balances strength and flexibility, fostering a mindful body-mind connection. He has conducted multiple yoga courses, helping many students deepen their practice.

Sally Phang

With 18 years of teaching experience and 5 years of advanced training, Sally is known for her inspirational yoga instruction. She blends scientific anatomy with yoga to target stress and pain points, especially focusing on myofascial trigger points.

Sally’s classes are dynamic and innovative, emphasizing physical posture therapy. She encourages safe, effective alignment over complex poses, fostering a protective yoga practice.

Specializing in yoga chair and pilates classes, Sally helps students awaken inner strength through mindful poses, connecting body and mind.

Her sessions aim to activate the body’s natural healing and joy, connecting with pure energy.

Tiffany Lee

Meet Tiffany, our dedicated yoga instructor with over 5 years of experience practicing under the esteemed Master Vishal. Tiffany excels in leading beginner-friendly classes, offering precise verbal cues and adjustments to ensure you feel confident and supported. Her approachable teaching style prepares you to advance to the next level in your yoga journey, making every session both enjoyable and effective.

Your path to Strength & Flexibility

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I thoroughly enjoyed the serene atmosphere and soothing music in the yoga class. The instructors were highly professional, offering guidance to correct postures seamlessly throughout the session. I highly recommend it to beginner like me seeking a tranquil experience. 😊

Julie How

Master Vishal is very responsible and respectful, he helps every student patiently. Teacher Tiffany is also very friendly and dedicated, I enjoy her class!

Lin Xiao Yan

This studio is great!! I was one of the early initial students of Master Vishal more than 5 years ago, and revisited his classes for trial and he is better than ever!! Studio facilities are neat, clean and spacious. Truly felt like a retreat away from the busy city. Good place to practice 👍

Natalie Tara Devi

Love the environment! My 1st time to try Aerial Yoga here! So fun with encouraging teacher Sally and yogamates.😍

Precious Sia

I noticed today after joining this studio for the last two months, that my strength, flexibility and stamina have improved. I have a back issue and Master Vishal always advises me what exercises and stretches I should do to be able to practice pain-free.

Julie Kho

Great class to deepen your practice, professional teachers, friendly people and nice ambience!

Natalia Anggraini-Davis

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