Our Philosophy

Sadhana means achieving one’s personal goals through disciplined and dedicated practice or learning.

This is reflected at Yoga Sadhana, where we strive to positively impact each practitioner’s physical, mental and spiritual health through a personalised, disciplined and dedicated approach to the practice of Yoga.

At our studio, we seek to create a holistic sanctuary where like-minded individuals interested in self-betterment can gather to celebrate Yoga and life.

Our Brand Story

Yoga Sadhana is a Yoga start-up founded by a trio of passionate instructors and practitioners who, collectively, have been active in the Yoga community for over forty years, and who have now decided to band together, align their expertise, ideas and vision, to share their passion for Yoga with a wider audience.

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The Yoga Yajnavalkya is another early text on yoga that provides description of Yoga techniques and its benefits. Two of its Sanskrit palm-leaf manuscripts have been dated, one is from the early 10th century CE and another more firmly.

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Modern Yoga consists of a range of techniques including asanas and meditation derived from some of the philosophies, teaching and practices of the Yoga school, which is one of the six-schools of tranditional Hindu philosophies.

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